A Gift From Tuxedo

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The other day I was going to ride Tux in the arena but as I was about to go in someone turned their horse out.

So I thought we'd go on a short trail ride and see if it was free when we returned. For no reason (at the time) I went a completely different direction than we normally go and went up and down the hills randomly.

Or so I thought.

We got up to the top of a hill and I started to ask Tuxedo to go down the trail and instead he got agitated and refused to go forward. As I like to do with him, I asked him where he wanted to go. He moved a few steps toward a flat area off the trail and I said "ok we can go that way if you want to walk around that bush lol" and so we went. A few steps more and he stopped again. Agitated. I looked down and saw this thing that looked like cement or a piece of plastic. I sort of dismissed it because if I jumped off him I didn't know if I could get back up on him and I didn't know if it would be worth the effort. I tried to move him but he insisted I get that thing down there. I said "ok!!" and jumped off. I picked it up and it fit in the palm of my hand and was heavy like a rock but unlike anything I'd ever seen.

I put it in my pocket and pulled Tuxedo up to an incline and managed to hoist myself up on to his back. He was totally calm and walked right back onto the trail.

Later, when I got home I spent an hour searching the Internet to find out what kind of stone this was. Turns out it is a masterpiece of nature: a Botryoidal (bubble top) Blue Agate or Chalcedony.

Most astonishingly, the spiritual meaning of this stone is it connects with the Throat Chakra. The voice of the body - that I lost when my vocal cord was paralyzed from the removal of a cancerous Thyroid tumor. But I had lost or given away my voice long before that happened. Which likely was why it happened. It is part of my journey in this life to have found my own voice again. To remember I have one. To not be afraid to speak my truth.

My magical horse brought me to this stone. I can't explain how it feels to me to hold it. I don't want to put it down. It's like I reunited with a long lost friend or a part of myself.

A precious gift and no coincidence that it came from Tuxedo.

 ** After I posted this, a day went by. I was falling asleep and I got a "download" (a message from my Guides) to look up a photo of the Thyroid Gland. I was blown away by what I saw. The strange texture of the rock and the Thyroid Gland look exactly the same.  I had mine removed because of the Cancer. I had said the rock made me feel like I found a piece of myself. The fact that it is a blue stone associated with the Throat Chakra makes this even more incredible. 

Seeing this, I understood everything. I cried and released whatever sadness and loss remained stuck from that experience and woke up this morning feeling healed and whole.

The concept of Meditating with Animals stems from this experience most profoundly. I was doing what I explain in the Animal Method ™ as "The Kitchen Sink Meditation" - walking, riding, singing - whatever you are doing, be present 100%. I was with Tuxedo completely and because I was, he was able to guide me to this stone that holds such deep meaning for me. I see that nothing is lost and that energy is transformed.

Our animals are our spirit guides and their wisdom is beyond what we can know or understand and this is why if we take the time to just be with them, a world of experiences we would never have are just waiting for us.

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