A Song for Me

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I was working at my kitchen table on morning when I heard what sounded like a bird flying into the window beside me.  Unfortunately for this little guy, that is exactly what happened.  He thankfully landed, stunned and not moving in the thick leaves of the bamboo shoots.  I ran outside to see if he was ok and I picked him up and held him in my cupped hands repeating "you are safe, you are loved and everything is ok" while blowing warm air on his little body.  I just sat with him hoping he would open his eyes.

When he did, what happened next is something that I will carry with me always.

He didn't fly away  I told him when he felt ready I would bring him back and find a nice branch for him to stand on and get his bearings.

He chose to stay with me.

 I brought him over to the branch.  I lovingly tried to put his little feet on it but he kept climbing back on to my finger! I finally told him it was ok and I understood he wasn't ready.  I let him stay perched on my finger like a household pet and brought him close to my heart and kissed him on the head.  

Still he stayed with me.

Finally, he climbed up on to my shoulder and stood there.  I turned my head to look at him and he just looked back at me.  He proceeded to walk around to the back of my neck and play with my hair and then hopped back to the side of my shoulder. My heart was so open and was racing at the wonder of this experience.  In that moment, he started to sing a song into my ear and I clearly heard "thank you!" in his beautiful voice. 

Still he stayed with me.

We stood there in that magic for another minute or so and then I told him it was ok for him to go and I thanked him. Off he flew, to a branch above where I was standing. He sang for a few more moments and then flew away.  

Being in the present moment allowed me to have this incredible experience.

This is a wonderful example of what it looks and feels like to Meditate with Animals!


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