Lucky Bunny

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It was a beautiful warm June evening and I had just returned from a trip.  I was pretty tired but wanted to unpack and throw a load of laundry in before I hit the couch with my cats.  

Garbage Day

I was on the couch for a total of 10 seconds when I realized I had forgotten to drag the garbage cans out to the curb for pick up tomorrow morning. I really had to think about if I cared about the garbage pick up more than I cared about how good it felt to be laying down. After some serious contemplation, I reluctantly moved myself to walk outside and across the acre of land to the end of the driveway and dragged the bins into the street.  

One of These Things is not Like the Other

As I was trekking back up the yard in the twilight I saw a black and white something moving around in the tall grass. It was difficult to see if it was a small cat or a rabbit. Either way, I thought that whatever it was it was probably missing from someone's home and if I could catch it, there would be a chance for it to not be eaten by a Coyote tonight.

I walked slowly so I wouldn't startle it and got close enough to see a fluffy little bunny. I blinked a few times to be sure. Definitely someone's missing family member.  We only have brown rabbits in these parts.   

The Talk

I got kneeled down and crawled pretty close. I quieted my energy down completely and just sat with him in that space. He stayed. I sent him love. He was still hanging out, chewing on the grass, looking at me and chewing on the grass. I said "bunny, you must let me save you or you are going to be somebody's dinner tonight. It is not safe out here for you." I held out my hand. It came right over to me and let me scoop it up. I wrapped it up in my hoodie and we snuggled. I was pretty surprised at how easy that was but clearly saw this little angel was tired of roughing it and ready to go home.

Ok…Now What?

I knocked on my neighbors door hoping it was theirs but it wasn't. I had hoped it would have been that easy! They helped me get my cat carrier out of the garage and I set it up in my living room while the cats tried to figure out what I just brought in.  As a horse person, I usually have carrots in the refrigerator, so I offered some and they were gladly received. I started posting on the local animal Facebook forums and waited.

Going Home

The next morning, I got a message from someone who said that her co-worker had lost her bunny and she would call her and see if this was the same one.  I asked for a photo to make sure and within an hour we had confirmed that it was hers!

That afternoon, the mom, her two children and a friend showed up at my house. They were in tears they were so happy and relieved. The bunny had gotten out because a gate was left open and had been missing for five days. She had just that morning started to collect all the bunny's toys and things to put them away because they were too sad to look at them anymore and did not think they would find him. They lived fairly close by but this little guy had to cross a very busy street and not get eaten by Coyotes for a few days and that was quite amazing. 

Meditating with Animals

I'm glad that I had to go outside that night. I was also glad to understand that by slowing down, tuning in and connecting with this little soul that I was able to extend my loving energy to him and show him he would be safe with me and I could help him. I was rewarded by his trust and he was rewarded by going home. 

Being in the present moment. Meditating with Animals. Happy ending!

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