New! Meditating with Animals Sound bath for You and Your Animal Companion!

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Would you like to connect more deeply with your animal companion?
Then this guided meditation and a sound bath is for you!

Our animals feel our stress and take this on, working hard to comfort and heal us. This is a chance to give them the gift of experiencing you in a quiet state of deep relaxation creating a reciprocal exchange of healing energy.
Meditations are based on the teachings from The Animal Method™ found in the book Meditating with Animals: How to Create More Conscious Connections with the Healers and Teachers Among Us by Pamela Robins.

What a Session Includes
  • Pamela will speak about the teachings from the animals and the concept of recycling positive healing energy that benefits both you and your animal companion
  • A short reading from the book
  • A guided meditation to connect your heart to your animals heart 
  • A relaxing sound bath meditation using crystal singing bowls

 Available for:

*Corporate Offices with Pet Friendly Policies (Great Staff Perk!)
*Yoga/Meditation Studios 
*Birthday Celebrations
*Barn, Veterinary Office, Zoo, Animal Shelter
*Animal Play Dates at your home, in a park and more!

This group Package is for up to 6 people in the Los Angeles Area

* If 6 or more guests are expected to attend or you would like Pamela to travel outside the LA area, please contact her directly for pricing

~No limit to Guest Count

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