The Walk on the Wild Side Meditation with Tuxedo!

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Meditating with Animals Pamela Robins The Walk on the Wild Side Meditation

I am so happy that I can share one of my meditations from my book, Meditating with Animals with you! This one is a great example of how you can do the Walk on the Wild Side Meditation with your own animal companion. A walk with your dog can be turned into a deep and mindful act of meditation by tuning in to your animal, your surroundings and staying in the moment - wherever you may be!

What a gift this is for both of you and the benefits of this type of awareness can have such lasting effects on your day...or even longer!


I didn't anticipate the ride I had with Tuxedo yesterday. I just put on his bareback pad and his bosal (just a noseband and no bit in his mouth) and we set out out by ourselves in the late afternoon as the temperatures slowly started to come down a bit.

Everything was so beautiful and the more I was mesmerized by the details of it all, the more I - and he - became connected. One turn of a trail turned into another until we found ourselves up at the top of the mountain. The feeling of oneness with him and nature became a natural high.


Meditating with Animals Pamela Robins The Walk on the Wild Side Meditation

I saw and felt beauty and love beneath me and all around me. The sound of his hooves on the trail, the wind in his mane, the gentle breeze that kept us cooled off in the still hot sun, the softly colored mountains and the hazy sky. The squirrels in the brush rustling away as we passed by, the musical notes of the birds floating around that held magical messages my subconscious began to interpret.

When I go on these journeys with him, I no longer am the body I need to be for all the other hours of the day. I get to experience the truth of my soul and say hello to her for a moment in time. It is another dimension of life and of myself. Snow White, Pocahontas a little Laura Ingalls and little Annie Oakley.

It is with the overwhelming understanding of the great trust and confidence we have built in our relationship over the last 8 years that allows us to go off alone on these trails together and explore. I stopped to wrap my arms around his neck several times when we came to rest in the shade so he could feel my deep gratitude.

I wish those moments could last forever.

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