Tuxedo Delivers A Message

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One warm afternoon, not that long ago (before it starting raining regularly in California!) my friend and I were sitting together on some chairs inside an area where Tuxedo could walk around and hang out with us if he wished to. Since we were talking about him and his book, Meditating with Animals, that he helped co-author, he chose to stand kind of on top of us with his head hanging down in the middle of our set up. We shifted ourselves slightly so we could see each other through the space underneath his neck. 

I was preparing to do my first presentation about my book at a book signing event and my friend was rehearsing her TedX talk. As I began to launch nervously into what I planned to say, Tuxedo interrupted me by moving his head over in my direction and put his nose on the cover of my book which was sitting in my lap. He proceeded to rub his nose and lips very assertively up and down the front of the book more than a few times. When he was finished, he lifted his head up and positioned his nose right in front of my neck - where my Thyroid Cancer scar was and where my vocal cord implant sits - giving me the ability to speak. He breath was puffing, intentional and rhythmic. Like the breath of fire in Yoga. Tears literally flew out of my eyes and started to stream down my face. I was taken by surprise by this powerful energetic experience.

My friend, who practices Equine Therapy said to me "what do yo think he just did?" and I answered that it seemed quite clear that Tuxedo had sensed how nervous I was and he literally pulled the words out of the book and cleared my voice (my throat chakra) so I could speak the important message of the animals to help them and the people who love them. The release I felt from this was profound.

Tuxedo wasn't done yet. To further WOW us, he then moved his nose down to the book and this time I thought it was to take a big bite out of it like I imagined he was going to do the first time around. What he did instead was use his nose to open the book to the photo of me riding him that is in the Introduction of our book, Meditating with Animals. This is the photo I used for this post. 

My friend and I were literally stunned amazement at the chances of that happening...yet it did. 

Tuxedo continues to be a master teacher and healer. He continues to give me reason to know that it is my life purpose to bring The Animal Method™ out into the world and that he is right there with me always. He reminds me to use my voice and that it isn't all about me - it's his message too! It's probably more his message than mine and I am the vessel being used to do this work. This isn't always easy for me but it is getting easier as I realize the importance of the gifts that the animals have for us and that we have for them. It is because of this book, this work, that I was able to have such an astonishing experience with him. It is exactly this kind of experience that defines the honor I feel behind this movement of bringing people closer to nature and ultimately to themselves. 

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