The Mindful Pup Event - Join Me!

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Yoga + Meditation with Animals = Good Vibes!

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Equinox Farms, Fallbrook CA - November 5, 2016

Our event Llamaste was a resounding success and we are planning another one in January 2017!!
We began the morning at the Mimosa Station :) and went to sit under what I now call the "Speaking Tree" where I read to the group from my new book Meditating with Animals: How to Create More Conscious Connections with the Healers and Teachers Among Us. Afterward, everyone went in to the large arena and participated in a yoga class among Dolly the Llama, Roosevelt the Alpaca, miniature horses and goats! The animals loved the energy and had magical interactions with the yogis - it was so much fun for those doing the yoga as well as those who were watching!
Back under the Speaking Tree, there was a guided meditation, followed by lunch and group healing sessions with Cigar the horse back in the arena.
Dogs were adopted, there was a raffle with awesome prizes and fun vendor shopping!
Thank you to Tricia Meteer for allowing us all to have this experience on your beautiful property, Equinox Farms and for taking all of these wonderful photos.
A big thank you to our sponsors: Prana Manhattan Beach + Chipotle for lunch!
Shout outs to all that participated: Horseworship Apparel, The Dream Trail Company, Peaceful Hearts Succulent Art, Peaceful Hearts for a Change, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Prana,, Hike it off Clothing and Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary!
To see the full gallery of photos you can visit Equinox Photo on Facebook!

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Meditating with Animals - Join me for a Reading and Book Signing @Llama'ste in Fallbrook, CA

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Where: Equinox Farms, Fallbrook CA
When: November 5, 2016 from 10 am - 3 pm
Cost: $48 prebook until 10/31*
Details: Join us for this unique 3 hour workshop. You will start your day with a 1 hour yoga session surrounded by goats, miniature horses, an alpaca and the one and only Dolly Llama! Time for photos following the class and then I will be doing a reading from my new book "Meditating with Animals - How to Create More Conscious Connections with the Healers and Teachers Among Us."
Light lunch included in ticket price. Vendors. Dogs available for adoption!
*Ticket includes a raffle ticket for a gift card from Prana Clothing and other goodies!) Proceeds benefit Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary, Falcon Ridge Horse Rescue and the Love Joy Foundation Dog Rescue.
Limited availability. Purchase online at


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A Gift From Tuxedo

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The other day I was going to ride Tux in the arena but as I was about to go in someone turned their horse out.

So I thought we'd go on a short trail ride and see if it was free when we returned. For no reason (at the time) I went a completely different direction than we normally go and went up and down the hills randomly.

Or so I thought.

We got up to the top of a hill and I started to ask Tuxedo to go down the trail and instead he got agitated and refused to go forward. As I like to do with him, I asked him where he wanted to go. He moved a few steps toward a flat area off the trail and I said "ok we can go that way if you want to walk around that bush lol" and so we went. A few steps more and he stopped again. Agitated. I looked down and saw this thing that looked like cement or a piece of plastic. I sort of dismissed it because if I jumped off him I didn't know if I could get back up on him and I didn't know if it would be worth the effort. I tried to move him but he insisted I get that thing down there. I said "ok!!" and jumped off. I picked it up and it fit in the palm of my hand and was heavy like a rock but unlike anything I'd ever seen.

I put it in my pocket and pulled Tuxedo up to an incline and managed to hoist myself up on to his back. He was totally calm and walked right back onto the trail.

Later, when I got home I spent an hour searching the Internet to find out what kind of stone this was. Turns out it is a masterpiece of nature: a Botryoidal (bubble top) Blue Agate or Chalcedony.

Most astonishingly, the spiritual meaning of this stone is it connects with the Throat Chakra. The voice of the body - that I lost when my vocal cord was paralyzed from the removal of a cancerous Thyroid tumor. But I had lost or given away my voice long before that happened. Which likely was why it happened. It is part of my journey in this life to have found my own voice again. To remember I have one. To not be afraid to speak my truth.

My magical horse brought me to this stone. I can't explain how it feels to me to hold it. I don't want to put it down. It's like I reunited with a long lost friend or a part of myself.

A precious gift and no coincidence that it came from Tuxedo.

 ** After I posted this, a day went by. I was falling asleep and I got a "download" (a message from my Guides) to look up a photo of the Thyroid Gland. I was blown away by what I saw. The strange texture of the rock and the Thyroid Gland look exactly the same.  I had mine removed because of the Cancer. I had said the rock made me feel like I found a piece of myself. The fact that it is a blue stone associated with the Throat Chakra makes this even more incredible. 

Seeing this, I understood everything. I cried and released whatever sadness and loss remained stuck from that experience and woke up this morning feeling healed and whole.

The concept of Meditating with Animals stems from this experience most profoundly. I was doing what I explain in the Animal Method ™ as "The Kitchen Sink Meditation" - walking, riding, singing - whatever you are doing, be present 100%. I was with Tuxedo completely and because I was, he was able to guide me to this stone that holds such deep meaning for me. I see that nothing is lost and that energy is transformed.

Our animals are our spirit guides and their wisdom is beyond what we can know or understand and this is why if we take the time to just be with them, a world of experiences we would never have are just waiting for us.

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Mayan Keeper of Time - The Great Striped Cat

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We were so fortunate to have “one of the greats” in our life during our time living in Mexico.

His name was Striped Cat.

He basically came with our rented home in Mexico. There was nothing in the house but a half empty bag of dry food left out on a table and so I assumed a cat would be showing up for a feeding at some point. A day or two went by. I was very curious and really hoping whoever it was hadn't been scared off by the move of the previous tenant and it hadn't been too long without food. Sure enough, a few days later, he showed up.

He was cool. Magic. Magestic. Striped. From the jungle we lived in - the land of the Maya in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I fed him and he showed up every day after. I was thrilled!

We worked a bit from home at the time – in a bedroom turned office on the second floor in the front of the house. Striped Cat would jump up on the roof of our jeep, somehow make his way to the top of the carport, then jump a few feet over to the balcony outside where we were working. He would meow to announce himself and ask to be let in. I never understood how he knew how to get to us there but he did. He made it clear we were his people and he was our guy. And so it was.

He became part of our family. He was just the most chill, cool rock star of a cat there ever was. We had a rescue dog for a period of time who we'd take for walks down to the golf course. Striped Cat would trot beside all of us and join us every time. He became "Uncle Striped Cat" to another little rescue cat, Sylvester that we had taken in. Held him under his knowing wing and seemed to be transferring all of his knowing of life to his little charge.

After a visit to the vet one day for some dental work, he had his blood work done as is routine. It showed that he had both Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids and his prognosis wasn’t good long term – actually not even short term. In Mexico these diseases are common among the large feral population. Cats fight, blood and saliva is exchanged and disease spreads. Usually the vets put cats down that are living outside with these diseases so they don’t continue to spread them and they don’t die a horrible death.

We loved him, he was incredibly special and although it was recommended, we simply could not put him down. He had a reason for being and a life to live with us. We decided to keep him safe indoors and see what happened. It was also a risk to our other cats but not only had they already been living together and they never fought. The diseases were never given to them and we had periodic testing done to be sure.  I felt that would be the case and never doubted the idea of bringing him into our family. As a matter of fact, Sylvester is still happy and healthy now 13 years later!

Our love affair with him was grand. I called him the “Mayan keeper of time.” He was with us for our epic life chapter in Mexico for 8 years then moved with us to California where he was with us for almost 4 years more. The doctors couldn’t believe he lived as long as he did with his precarious health.

We said he ran on love. I believe with all my heart that is why he lived so long. And why it was so very hard to let him go when his health finally failed. He was nothing short of a miracle to the doctors but it wasn’t a miracle to us…it was unconditional love.

I talk more about what I consider the phenomenon of unconditional love in the Animal Method™ ebook.

It is one of the greatest gifts that animals have for us. We are so fortunate to experience this kind of love while we are on our journey here on earth. It is a gift that once received we can return to them in total safety as they have no agenda with our love other than to receive it. From there, we can give this love to those around us and to the universe at large.

If animals live in this natural state of unconditional love, then I believe we can tap into this once we have a heightened awareness to it. 

Animals are our teachers and guides. This is one of their most valuable lessons for us. 

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