Benefits of The Animal Method™ + Meditating with Animals

Meditation & Animal Lovers
Meditation is for everyone. Animals are the teachers we have directly in front of us.
What if you could easily tune into your pet's comforting, healing, constant love and tap into universal calm, peace, and a more enlightened way of being in the world?
While meditation is hard for most of us and we find ourselves wondering if we are doing it correctly and getting all the benefits, we just need to look at our animals and see that they are doing it all the time because they are always in the present moment. They are truly being, while we're running around doing. Through my healing process from cancer, divorce and loss of my mother, this presence experienced through my animals was salve to my soul. And through this learning, I began to teach others how to do the same.

How we connect in the present moment with our animals is indeed a form of meditation.

Through the Animal Method™ you will discover that one of your greatest healers is your relationship with your pet. Learning to meditate with them can bring relief from stress, worry, fear, anxiety, sadness, grief, illness, loneliness, relationship problems, addictions and more. It leads to peace of mind, a sense of well-being and a sense of connection - to ourselves, our animals, our friends and family, nature…and the universe.

​There is a reason why we chose our animal companions or why they chose to be with us. They are one of nature's greatest gifts to us and they hold this noble job with great responsibility without question or limitations. It can be our honor and our joy to return these gifts in kind to them. Creating a feedback loop of soothing grace.

Meditating with animals can take many forms. It can be sitting, walking, playing or riding. To go deeper, you can sit and open your heart and create a loving space to invite your animal into and share that loving energy to heal, to learn, to calm or to simply commune.

Your animal is your healer, teacher, and guide.  Through the Animal Method™ you'll learn how to transform your life by simply being aware of your animals messages for you.

About The Animal Method™:

The Animal Method™ teaches you how to connect more deeply with your animal, benefitting you both mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually by being in a more conscious relationship together. Although certainly not a full definition of the Animal Method™, this is the essential teaching behind Meditating with Animals.

The Animal Method™ teaches you to move mindfully through life with your animal companions beginning with the awareness of the present moment. The Animal Method™ shines a light on your current interactions, patterns of behavior, and life situations which transfers to your animals. When we are stressed, out of balance, ill, or suffering, our animals take this on and it can also be reflected back on to us. 

Your animals are in a constant state of navigating your energy.  

When you are in balance your animals can also manifest behaviors of healing, comforting, unconditional loving, and a total state of calm presence. 

The ultimate goal is to work in tandem and benefit from the best of your animal's natural healing abilities and unconditional love while opening ourselves up to join them in that place so that they too can benefit from these gifts.

The Animal Method™ is a fun and mind-opening technique that works to change your habits from everyday activities to meditations with your animals. It is a simple and practical technique for improving the way you relate to and support each other. Awaken the curiosity and possibilities of what can be!

The benefits of the Animal Method™ are unlimited!  By allowing the Method to open this door for you, I hope to help you begin to see more clearly the teacher, the healer, the magical being that is right there at your feet and that you already have inside of you as well!