Teresa Y.

I have done a lot of various types of human healing sessions, but nothing can compare to my healing session with Tuxedo. With humans, you tend to have expectations, but it is impossible to have expectations with animals. They are simply not wired with the same baggage as humans. The connection that Tuxedo makes with you is simply awesome. From the first nip at my head, I felt an immediate and emotional sense of love. At one point, he came in to ground me with such imposing strength and calm. With Pamela’s guidance, you are free to be your authentic self, with no judgement. And the surroundings are lovely and peaceful. I highly recommend taking a “me” day and treat yourself to a healing session with Tuxedo and lunch with Pamela afterwards. 

Rebecca G.

The highlight of my daughters trip was with you and Tuxedo. I am working on growing and changing with the profound message that Tuxedo gave me about boundaries. The work that you two do is very important and I feel so blessed that we had the opportunity to share time together. I thank you deeply for the work you do which allows for beautiful transformation as well as your kindness, softness, insightful intuition and your grace. I look forward to seeing you again!

Mel Greenberg

The first time I met Tuxedo was literally a life-changing experience! As a 50-year-old woman who has endured many challenges, including cancer, I don’t use that expression lightly. He is a gift in my life now – a dear friend who saw pain in my heart that I didn’t even know was still present. When he rested his head on my shoulder, leaned in and used his breath to warm my heart, I was completely in love. His eyes looked into my heart, with pure unconditional love. “T” touched my soul that day and we are forever connected. But more than that, I am more connected – with the deepest, darkest parts of me and they continue to heal. What a blessing this sweet boy is! Thank you Pamela for sharing your angel and your spirit with us all.

Zorine R. 

I wanted to let my friends and family know that I had the privilege to meet Pamela Robins by some fluke. I was in a very bad place emotionally and her horse tuxedo came up to me and indicated to her that he wanted to come to me. Apparently, he sensed my sadness. He proceeded to indicate through his body language that he wanted me to get close to him. I came face-to-face with tuxedo and within minutes I could feel my heart open and tears began to flow from my face. All I can say was I was astounded. Anybody that needs healing, I highly suggest that you reach out to Pamela. She does private sessions which are close by. Thank you Pamela. I'm so happy I met you and Tuxedo.

Marla S.

My relationship with Pamela cannot be understated. She has helped me to navigate some of the roughest moments in my life with grace, dignity and compassion. Over the past several months, Pamela has helped guide me on a holistic journey as I discover who I really am, while moving toward who I want to be. Although it is not always easy, her help has been invaluable to my well being. I love her honesty and ability to really open my eyes and see what I am learning. 

Deane H.

After finishing my barn chores on a late afternoon last August, I greeted my friend Pamela as she came out of her horse’s stall. “Come talk with me” she invited, and I followed her into the feed room next door. We sat on the wooden floor of the tiny hay-filled room, aromatic with the warm smells of alfalfa and grass hay. Pamela acknowledged the sadness in my eyes and expressed her concerned about me and my horse, Cassie.

My 32-year old mare was ill with “an infection of unknown origin”. She had been sick for almost a month, suffering a fever, lethargy, loss of appetite and ensuing weight loss, and depression, and these were just the symptoms that I could be sure of. Her illness struck suddenly, two days before we were to move 300 miles away to Sacramento. All arrangements for her move had been made, of course, so I had to cancel the horse transportation and remain in Ojai until Cassie recovered and was strong enough to travel. Initially, my vet started Cassie on an antibiotic which proved ineffective, so we tried one after another with no results. In addition to the infection, Cassie had cancerous melanomas under her tail and surrounding her anus. They had been there for years (common in grey horses) with no discomfort or danger, but with her illness, they grew in number and size and were discharging a tarry substance. I bathed the area twice daily and applied salve, but the problem persisted. For the first time, she showed signs that they were causing discomfort: she began rubbing her tail against the fence and she had some trouble walking—her right back leg would bend awkwardly, in spurts, then be OK.

After talking about how Cassie was doing that day, Pamela gently put her hand on my knee and said, “Deane, I don’t think Cassie is comfortable any more. I’ve been watching her for several days, and she just doesn’t look like she’s doing well at all.”

Pamela talked to me about the possibility that Cassie was physically and intuitively ready to pass from this world and that she wanted to do so there, at her own barn in Ojai, her happy home. She didn’t want to make that long, arduous journey by trailer to a place unknown. Pamela assured me that I had done everything humanly possible for Cassie, but the time had come to stop. I felt a rush of grief wash over me, but then a feeling of truth and authenticity about what she said settled in.

I knew she was right, despite my relentless efforts to make it otherwise. I had been spending most of my waking hours with Cassie, giving her cool showers from the hose, taking her on walks, and trying to get her to eat various treats and special supplements. The fact was that she wasn’t responding to the medication. I kept hoping that “this time” this new antibiotic would cure her. I clung to the idea that my care would surely help pull her through. Ingrained in my mind since I decided to move was the scenario in which Cassie went with me, that my transition to a new life would include my best friend, my closest companion, my horse.

I suddenly realized that my agenda was not the most important anymore, nor at all based in the reality of what was happening in both the physical and spiritual realms of Cassie’s life. I had to abandon my former thinking and adopt a new reality—Cassie was not coming with me; she was destined to embark on a different journey, one in which included me only in spirit.

My vet put Cassie down a few days later on an early, serene, morning. I said goodbye to my amazing mare. It was an incredibly difficult experience, but I was comforted in my knowledge that this was what Cassie needed. She had fulfilled her purpose in this world and then some, I am convinced.

I thank Pamela for speaking Cassie’s truth to me. I thank her for her compassion, intelligence, intuition, presence of mind and spirit, her courage to speak the truth, and her vitality for life. More than anything, I thank her for the gift of her friendship. I know she will work wonders for others in her amazing work.

Hilarie R.

I feel so fortunate to have Pamela in my life.  She has so many gifts to share with us.  Pamela was very instrumental in recognizing the struggle one of my horses Izamillion (Louie) was having in his training program.  After a year and a half, and multiple trainers, my sweet gelding (and new family member) would tremble as soon as a trainer would get on his back and ask him to move forward under saddle.  I did not really know much about my half arab/hackney’s background so it took a long time to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  In my heart, I knew that Louie was sad and scared and I kept telling him that I would never give up on him and that he would have a forever home with me no matter what.  But after an incident at our barn with my current trainer happened, I could see that he had lost all confidence and faith in himself.  I was at a loss as to what to do.  While I do have an older horse at home, and some little minis and a donkey, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to provide a safe home for his needs.  I worried that I would not have enough room and not be able to ride him on the trails, etc.  One day Pamela and I spoke about Louie and she asked for more detail about him.  Even though she had not ever met him and knew very little about his history, she told me it was time for Louie to come home and to live with me.  I remember the next day going to the barn and telling him the news.  I could see in his eyes that he already knew.  Pamela and I had already told him this news in our conversation from the day before.  Louie has been home with me now for three weeks.  He is loving his life which consists of freedom to play with his new family members.  He loves his giant ball and his walks in the neighborhood with the ice cream truck, dogs and neighbors stopping to say hello.  And last night was the most magical moment for we got to witness a young angel (Dani) who always believed in Louie at the barn get on his back and ride him around my small arena.  This was the first time I ever witnessed my lovely boy with someone on his back without any fear.  Pamela was with me to witness this magical moment.  Thank you Pamela for your guidance and help to give me the perspective to do what was right for Louie.

Donna U.

Pamela and I share a friendship from our childhood, growing up in New Jersey right down the street from each other. We re-connected as adults. Our re-newed connection has brought me to another level that my mind had been craving. Pamela's interest, kindness and positive direction have really openend my eyes to a new world that I never thought I would find or could achieve. She has inspired me with her honesty, strength, courage and spiritual direction more than she could ever know. I've never felt like this or had someone positive in my life that could help guide me torwards a "new life" and I am forever grateful. Pamela has opened my eyes with her heart and it's my turn to pass along my wisdom and knowledge. Thank you!
Kathryn S.

Pamela has guided me through some very difficult times. She has seen things in me that I have been in denial about, or just simply didn't want to see. She is very in tune to energy, so her insight has helped me to become "unstuck". She is a beautiful soul and has extraordinary connections to all that live and breathe. 

Caity F.

My boyfriend and I moved to Port Hueneme almost two months ago, after living in Camarillo with my folks.  It was all our dog knew - a quiet, large backyard, the companionship of their dog, and lots of space. We were concerned that our already-nervous-dog would not be able to adjust to the move or be alone as he’d always had other animals around, if not people. We feared that he would end up back in Camarillo permanently, which would break our hearts.

After being referred to Pamela, we have had a couple of phone sessions.  With her help, I was able to see that he is communicating with me constantly, and also, that I was receiving the information better than I had realized. Our dog is living with us happily, with a weekly, one night stay the grandparents’ house where he can play in the yard as a compromise. We’ve started leaving him alone when we need to go out, which at first, I hadn’t thought would be possible due to his nervous nature, and my anxiety at the thought of pushing him beyond his comfort too soon. Turns out, his comfort was more dependent on my own comfort, and once I found that peace, he quickly went there too.  

Pamela has a great connection to animals and it’s immediately obvious when you speak with her that she is not only in tune, but she’s wise and loves them very much. She truly cares about helping both the animals and their people! I was already very bonded with my dog, but she was able to point out some lovely insights that helped me to know him as a full and perfect being, and not just from a fussy mothers’ perspective.  Thanks Pamela!

Andrea L.

It was fortuitous that this beautiful woman from Gotham City moved into a slick loft space a floor above me in the heart of the the action in downtown Chicago. It was the early 90's when we met. I was and still am pretty sure that we have spent time together in a previous life...or two.

Our respective journey's eventually took separate yet undeniably parallel roads.

Pamela went on to become an extraordinarily accomplished entrepreneur. I think Pamela pioneered the pillow with catchy words debossed on them (they were coveted by many and I screamed out loud when I saw her pillows on the set of "Friends'!) She went on to owning, operating and being the chief visionary for a resort and spa, several boutique hotels and restaurants. She is creativity, love and light personified.

Her life was always surrounded by animals. She had the most beautiful way with her cats.

She once told me she felt most at ease as a young girl going to visit the horses at a stable near her house in NJ.

I will never forget the day we talked about her getting her horse Tuxedo. It was love at first sight. Pure joy! Oh and did I mention that she is a fierce competitor with her partner Tux!?!

I believe Pamela was called to this life to do incredible things using her gifts in so many ways.

She is s masterpiece.

Love her to pieces and you will too after you read this book!

Lisa M.

Pamela has helped guide me through a long term difficult situation in my life. Her ability to see a things clearly and map out solutions has allowed me to feel more in control. The type of guidance she provides is direct yet heartfelt and it gives me the confidence  to take the action steps I need to keep moving forward with solutions instead of focusing on the problems that can at times seem overwhelming. 

Laurie C.

I have known Pamela for several years.

I noticed her passion for animals as soon as we met. She would always notice the small details of the animals. Why they were happy. What was upsetting them. It was more of a familiarity with their being that I noticed she tuned in to. She took the time to "be" with them, tune into them.  

Her other passions are Meditating, Yoga, and Life. That may sound silly but you would have to know her!

Before she chose to use her passions to show other people how they could enjoy deepening their relationships with their animals, I saw her doing this at the barn. Her horse Tuxedo was terrified of the rain because of a past bad experience he had had in his stall while raining. So she would sit in his stall and meditate. It worked!! I want to add that he really was terrified. I did not think he was going back in until it stopped raining. Twice she has done that and twice it has worked . Now he is no longer afraid of the rain.

Pamela is a lovely lady and she really knows how to connect with people and animals.