$ 25.00

Intuitive Animal Medicine Card Reading

Connecting with the Wisdom of Your Animal Spirit Guides
Are you:
  • seeking insight into a current life situation
  • looking for wisdom that could get you unstuck from a recurring issue
  • drawn to animals and curious about the lessons they have for you?
By utilizing the ancient wisdom and teachings that the animals keep for us, the medicine cards can be a powerful tool that will awaken you to the gifts that animals keep.

Animal oracle cards are a crystalline clear way to connect yourself to the truth of your true nature whether you have an animal in your life or not. You may live in the mountains, a concrete jungle, or the suburbs--but animal spirits are everywhere and ready to support you.  Noticing the animals that cross your path...below you, above you, right in front of you or next to you - be aware that there is a reason and seek to find the message.

My readings are a blend of wisdom, insight, and healing. My messages ring clear and true and my approach offers a grounded perspective that can offer enlightenment that can help in the moment or effect lasting change. Sometimes the timing and delivery of a message is just what we need to shift ourselves into the change we seek.

Once payment is complete Pamela will send you a photo of your cards and and email a reading to you within 24 hours.


Pamela has many talents, but she does not answer questions about your own or another’s time of death, what the lottery numbers might be, or whether or not an illness will worsen. While these questions may have answers it does not serve the best or highest interest of the client’s soul, and this is what Pamela is most interested in. Instead she will guide you to access your own inner-tuition and open a window to the world in which you can see more clearly the connection the animals have with you.