$ 250.00

Animal Method™ VIP Equine-Assisted Wellness Session with Pamela + Tuxedo


Then read on to learn how you can have a customized session, with Pamela along with her key inspiration for The Animal Method™ and "co-author" of Meditating with Animals

Pamela's horse, Tuxedo has been a powerful teacher, healer, mirror, great supporter of unconditional love and a master facilitator of delivering the insights and ah-ha! moments Pamela has needed over the last seven years they have had together. Using her gifts as an intuitive guide along with the instinctual animal senses of her beloved horse, Pamela and Tuxedo are able to create an experience for you that can open your awareness and manifest change for you.

As Pamela went through major life challenges in rapid succession (the loss of her mother, her own cancer diagnosis and surgeries, paralyzed vocal cord, divorce, letting go of her home and businesses in order to re-discover and re-create herself) Tuxedo was there for her every step of the way. And his ways of opening her awareness were so profound that Pamela had no choice not only to take notice of what and how he was communicating but also to understand the life-changing importance of this bond and see that it was beyond what she initially imagined it was to be.

Tuxedo was changing Pamela's life - one interaction at a time. It is their honor to now do this for you.




"Tuxedo has continuously made it clear to me that he is ready to share his healing gifts with others. I see this by the way he interacts with people and the way in which people are drawn to him, leaving an imprint on their soul. There is nothing like connecting with a horse who is so big, and so powerful yet so gentle, intuitive and giving. It is only something that can be experienced in a safe and sacred space which I can create for you as a guide in this process.

It is because of the deep mutual love, respect, understanding and bond that I have developed over many years with Tuxedo that we are able to do this healing work in true partnership with you."


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Healing, insight, change and lightbulb moments come when you are able to slow life down and unplug from the business of life, and the busy-ness of the mind. It is in nature and with setting an intention that answers can be found. Through the interaction that you will have with Tuxedo, Pamela will guide you through different ways you can connect with him and ultimately to yourself. The teaching is based on the lessons the animals have given Pamela with The Animal Method™ and she'll take cues from Tuxedo as to what is needed in your particular session, along with using her own intuition, clarity, seeing abilities and wisdom.

It's also very likely that Pamela will use animal-related yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditation and Animal Medicine cards for personalized readings during your session. All of these will assist you in coming in to the present moment, and more authentically matching the natural state of being that animals naturally embody.

Horses are mirrors and if we allow them, they can teach us lessons about fear, trust, love, respect, self-worth, self-confidence, being in the moment, being a leader, making choices and decisions, seeing yourself from a higher perspective about how you "show up" in life and how others see you, empowerment, vulnerability, desire for connection and so much more...

The teachings of The Animal Method™ are tools that you can also use as guidance with your own animal companions or people in your life who you wish to have a deeper and more mindful connection with.


We won't be riding Tuxedo but there could be some form of mild physical activity such as walking, yoga poses or breathing exercises. 


11am - 1pm with Pamela and Tuxedo at a private ranch in Agoura Hills, California. You will also be given a signed copy of the book Meditating with Animals: How to Create More Conscious Connections with the Healers and Teachers Among Us.


Once payment is received, we will set a date and time for our session and I will provide you with directions and some suggestions about what to wear as the weather is always changing! 
Pamela is also available to travel to your barn, rescue, retreat, rehabilitation center or school to speak and teach the messages from the animals with The Animal Method™ to your group.
To inquire about rates and availability please email: pamela@meditatingwithanimals.com